Welcome to System-theoretic Model Order Reduction’s documentation!

System-theoretic model reduction seeks to build reduced order models based on metrics associated with the input-output map. The simplest case appears in linear, time-invariant model reduction. One common example is a state-space system relating input \(\mathbf{u}(t)\) to output \(\mathbf{y}(t)\) via the dynamical system


\mathbf{x}'(t) &= \mathbf{A} \mathbf{x}(t) + \mathbf{B} \mathbf{u}(t) \\
\mathbf{y}(t) &= \mathbf{C} \mathbf{x}(t).

The goal of the goal of model reduction is to construct a reduced order model mimicing this input-output map.

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